7 Reasons Why We Love Linen by Label Numaani

7 Reasons Why We Love Linen

A breathable and cosy fabric, linen has been around for ages. Linen has always stayed in fashion and has adapted very well to withstand the test of time. Today, let us take a look at what makes linen such a popular choice.

  1. Absorbing properties and breathability: Linen as a fibre is broader and hollower compared to others, allowing more airflow and making it light and breathable. Linen fibres are also extremely absorbent. This makes linen perfect for spring and summer as it is light and also helps you avoid sweat patches.
  2. Strength and Longevity: Linen is one of the most durable fibres compared to any other fabric. Flax fibres are very strong, making linen very robust and long-lasting. With proper care, linen can easily last for almost 25-30 years!
  3. Repels Insects: A relatively unknown characteristic of linen is that it has natural insect-repelling properties. It repels insects like moths and other bugs, thus elevating the already durable nature of it. Even when stored while not in use, it naturally repels termites and roaches.
  4. Sustainability: In today’s day and age, sustainability is a very important factor for any product. As conscious consumers, you have to make an eco-friendly choice. Linen scores high in this domain as it is one of the greenest and most sustainable fabrics in the world. Flax plants need very little water and fertilisers to grow, thus making them very easy and sustainable to cultivate. Other parts of flax plants can also be used in various applications making it practically a zero-waste product.
  5. Temperature Regulator: As we saw before, linen is very comfortably light and airy. However, along with this, it is also a great temperature regulator. What this means is it is naturally a ventilator and insulator together. It maintains a good temperature around your body allowing it to feel neither too hot nor too cold. Thus, you can see linen being a popular choice in winters as well as summers.
  6. Versatile: Linen is extremely versatile and makes for all kinds of clothes. Be it party wear, casual wear or formal wear, linen suits every occasion with equal elegance. Linen offers the flexibility of being all kinds of apparel like dresses, shirts, t-shirts and trousers. So, linen truly is a perfect fit for all reasons and seasons.
  7. Easy to Maintain: No doubt, that linen is luxury wear at the end of the day. However, that does not make it difficult to maintain at all. Get all the prejudices out of your mind as linen does not require any kind of special treatment and is extremely easy to care for. Another great aspect of linen is that the creases and wrinkles on linen are what add to its beauty. It does not need ironing and its natural state adds to its elegance. Just like Label Numaani says, our linen is creased with laughter.

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