How to make winters cosy with linen

How to make winters cosy with linen

It is a common misconception that linen clothes are suitable mostly for summer. Linen is actually a very versatile and adaptable fabric and is a great temperature regulator. This means that is naturally an insulator as well as a ventilator. It helps maintain a temperature around your body that is neither too warm nor too cold. This makes linen a great fabric for all seasons. With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, the weather is getting cooler. Today, let us get to know how to rock linen in winter to make a cosy yet stylish statement.

If you are on the lookout for some colour tips, popular choices for winter are:

Neutral colours: Neutral colours like grey, blue and brown that pair well with many other colours are a classic choice.

Earthy Colours: Subtle hues like olive green, beige and mustard make your outfits look classy.

Royal Colours: Deep jewel tones like burgundy, emerald and sapphire add a lot of elegance to your attire.

Another great scope to really rock the winter look is accessorizing. Scarves, hats, stockings and shoes add that X factor to any ensemble. They blend well with linen fabrics and yet complement the overall look aesthetically.

Now that we know the colour and accessories trends for winter, let us get to know what kind of clothes to wear and how to wear them to make a style statement that’s bold, for weather that’s cold.

Linen Hoodies: A hoodie is always a go-to choice when it comes to winter. A button-down linen hoodie works really well for that extra cosy layer. It can be worn on T-shirts and shirts and pairs well with all kinds of pants, be it jeans or trousers. A hoodie also gives you the flexibility to cover your head if the weather gets particularly cold.

Linen Tops: Linen tops are breathable and make for a great choice indoors as well as outdoors. You can always match these tops with scarves and jackets for that extra layer of protection. That makes a great choice look-wise and functionally as well. Another great thing about linen tops is that they pair well with trousers as well as denim jeans.

Linen Dresses: Elegant linen dresses always make for a great choice in winter. Whether your dress has sleeves or not, a long top pairs very well with such dresses. Thick woollen stockings with tall boots are always a great choice to keep your feet warm. These dresses can be turtleneck, V-neck or shawl-collared.

Linen Shirts: Be it an office meeting or a family get-together, linen shirts always fit the bill. Linen shirts can be worn over a T-shirt or under sweaters and jackets if you are feeling particularly cold. These shirts look great with any kind of pants as well as skirts even when matched with scarves or mufflers.

Linen Pants: A formal occasion always calls for stylish linen pants or trousers. A layer of slacks can be added underneath for that extra warmth. Casual linen trousers make for a great look even at parties or semi-formal occasions. Linen pants are versatile and can be paired with virtually any kind of top. If your pants are a bit short, tall boots always make for a good look with this combination.


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