On a lazy afternoon, sipping some coffee, three friends wondered why there weren’t enough attire options in linen that combined style and comfort. You walk down countless shelves and see similar styles everywhere. Similar colours, styles and cuts make a fine fabric like linen look very dull and drab. They felt that the time was right to break out and do something bold, out of the ordinary! And so was born Label Numaani.

- From us

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– Label Numaani

How Numaani Linen makes a difference:

Underrated and stereotyped, linen is a truly versatile fabric that enables you to make a classy statement. Sourced from the finest flax plants, our products are of premium quality.
Suitable for winters as well as summers, rest assured, you will be in style 365 days a year!

  • Why choose us?

    Our designs promise to be unique. Breaking all stereotypes and sustainability being at the core of it all, we want to make linen accessible for all. Numaani means “From us to you” and living by this beautiful and unique name, we present to you, bold and vibrant stylistic choices that will redefine linen.

    We have made colours and comfort easily accessible for you! We truly have made linen clothes for all ages, reasons and seasons. We are weaving colourful stories that make you let loose and seize the day.

  • What’s beautiful about us humans is that we are flawed but beautiful in every way. Our brand lives and breathes by this philosophy and helps you embrace your we-inspiring rawness!

  • We are bold and confident in our imperfections. So, here’s presenting you colours, cuts, comforts and couture that truly reflect your expression and help you make a style statement!

Label Numaani - Embrace your

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